Case Studies
Be it a small assignment of portrait touch-ups for a Professional Photographer, or complex image editing projects for Scandinavian Real Estate Firms or Photo Studios, we have done it all. Go through our list of case studies, and you’ll be happy to see us addressing similar requirements as yours!
Images Edited
0.31 KM
Long Image Trail
45 Days
Delivery Time
0.31 KM Long Photo Stitching for a Norwegian Photography Company

The client is a well-known Norwegian Design Company and a purveyor of beautiful designs for a distinguished global clientele. They required an experienced outsourcing firm to stitch 0.31 KM Long Images for a large scale, 310 image project with a completion deadline of 45 days. Smart photo edits’ services were contracted, and the team faced challenges regarding the image quantity, size per image of approximately 10 meters long for 310 images, and processing time for image sizes of 1.3 GB.

Following the initial trial, Smart photo edits assembled a dedicated team and began processing the images using PTGui and Photoshop. FTP was created for the client to facilitate quick image access and upload. Smart photo edits processed each image in 1.5 hours, delivering 10 images per day, and completing the project on time. The results were precise, flawless and high quality stitched images delivered to a very pleased client.

Virtual Tour
2.5 Hr.
Processing Time for Each
Delivery Accuracy
360-Degree Virtual Tour Creation with Stitched Drone Images

The client is an aerial drone footage specialist featuring BNUC, CAA, and IAA certified pilots, who provide services that include full video productions, photography, post-production, and 360-degree virtual tours. They required an offshore team with expertise working with still drone footage and stitching photographs into a 360-degree tour. Smart photo edits dealt with challenges related to properly aligning images during the stitching process and the time constraints surrounding processing high-resolution images.

Following a free trial, Smart photo edits assigned three dedicated resources to stitch together the images, creating seamless 360-degree panoramas using PTGui and Autopano Giga software. To ensure optimization of the final files, color correction and quality control were performed. Completed files were uploaded to a client-specified web portal, finalizing the virtual tour. The results were over 98% accurate virtual tour, helping the client clearing all its image processing backlog.

Drone Image Editing
Videos Delivered per Day
24 Hr.
Delivery Time
Delivery Accuracy
Drone Image Editing for European Real Estate Agency

The client is a European real estate company with specialization in the purchase and sale of luxury properties. They had a unique marketing request that required an experienced outsourcing partner with affordable pricing models. With still footages of various properties captured through drones, they needed the raw footages to be edited to produce a high-quality video to attract potential buyers. Smart photo edits faced challenges related to short time constraints, 24 hour delivery of individual video batches, and a lengthy textual content and musical editing process.

Two dedicated Smart photo edits resources edited the images and utilized Capital Final, Capitol Cut, and Capitol Pro to create the videos, removing unnecessary objects, stabilizing the video, and adding appropriate musical and visual effects. This resulted in the delivery of 4-5 videos every 24 hours, exceeding quality benchmarks with a 98% accuracy level. The highly satisfied client engaged Smart photo edits’ services for 50 additional real estate video editing projects, leading to a continued long-term business relationship.

Images per Day
Delivery Cycle Reduction
Saving on Resource Cost
Large Scale Image Processing for Norwegian Photo Studio

The client is a Norwegian Photography Company with 13 photo studios across Norway, with plans to open 200 studios across Europe. The client required large-scale image processing that included panorama stitching, editing, color correction, and enhancement. They needed a skilled offshore agency who could edit 100 to 120 folders containing 35 to 45 images per folder, every day. Smart photo edits faced challenges about a short deadline and quality editing of a large volume of images on a continuous basis.

Smart photo edits assembled a team of certified animators and designers and utilized Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Quark Express to edit the images. The results benefitted the client with 40% delivery cycle reduction, 60% to 70% savings on human resources and completion of all the deliverables ahead of the schedule. The client was impressed with Smart photo edits’ team and management, and as a gesture of long-term partnership invited our CEO to visit their studios in Norway.

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