Whether its Real Estate image enhancement, Portrait photo correction, or Jewelry re-touching, we have done it all. The project samples speak volumes about our image editing skills, experience, visualization expertise, and quality adherence. Go through our project sample gallery to witness Smart photo edits magic!
Real Estate
Day to Dusk Conversion Before Day to Dusk Conversion After
Interior Color Correction Before Interior Color Correction After
Sky and Grass Correction Before Sky and Grass Correction After
Sky Replacement Before Sky Replacement After
Real Estate Color Correction Before Real Estate Color Correction After
Real Estate Retouching Before Real Estate Retouching After

Take a look at the before and after samples of the real estate image enhancement project where we have replaced the dull airspace with a dark blue sky and sparkling white clouds. Also, the lighting and the backdrop of greenery have given the property a cinematic effect.

Sky Replacement
Sky Replacement Sample 01 Before Sky Replacement Sample 01 After
Sky Replacement Sample 03 Before Sky Replacement Sample 03 After
Sky Replacement Sample 04 Before Sky Replacement Sample 04 After
Sky Replacement Sample 02 Before Sky Replacement Sample 02 After
Sky Replacement Sample 05 Before Sky Replacement Sample 05 After

There are times, when the picture looks good only when the background looks fresh and colorful. With color cast removal, sky perspective correction, and sky color addition techniques, witness how we changed the dull cloudy sky into a blue sky with bright clouds.

Portrait & Fashion
Hair Masking Before Hair Masking After
Color Correction Before Color Correction After
Background Masking Before Background Masking After
Color Correction Before Color Correction After
Background Removal Before Background Removal After

With fine adjustment of the light and contrast, image sharpening, and unnecessary object removal from the background have brought a significant difference to the portrait. The ‘After’ sample of the portrait looks much more neat, clear, and lively – Take a close look!

Jewelry Editing Before Jewelry Editing After
Jewelry Retouching Before Jewelry Retouching After
Jewelry Clipping Before Jewelry Clipping After

Jewelry retouching being the most difficult of the image re-touching tasks, with appropriate color correction, re-coloring, reflection removal, focus stacking, shine enhancement, and scratch and dust removal, jewelry images look new and more realistic. Take a look at the samples to see the difference.

Car Clipping Before Car Clipping After
Clipping BG change Before Clipping BG change After
Car BG change Before Car BG change After
Our vehicle image editing services include car image clipping, brand removal, re-coloring, 360-degree product photography, and more. Go through these sample files to witness the changes yourself.

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